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Getting to Querétaro from Overseas

There are two airports near to Querétaro city:

  1. Aeropuerto Internacional de Querétaro. IATA Code: QRO
    The International Airport of Queretaro is located at 22 kilometers from Querétaro City (a $250MXN-to-$280MXN taxi-ride away). It is a small airport with daily connections from/to Houston, USA operated by Continental airlines.
  2. Mexico City International Airport (also called Benito Juárez International Airport). IATA code: MEX.
    Two terminals. It has connections to all major airports in the world. It is located 192 Km (southeast) from Querétaro city. Primera Plus runs from Mexico City airport to the bus terminal Central Camionera that is located 5 km southeast of Querétaro city center ($288MXN, three hours). From the Central Camionera, a taxi ride will cost ~$70 MXN to take you to any hotel located in Querétaro historical center.

About Querétaro

Querétaro is a state in central Mexico. Its capital is the city of Santiago de Querétaro, although it is customary to use the name Querétaro for both the city and the state. The name is thought to come from the Otomí language meaning the great ball game or from the Tarasco language and have the definition of place of stones. Querétaro is bordered to the north by the state of San Luis Potosí, to the west by Guanajuato, to the east by Hidalgo, to the southeast by the state of México, and to the southwest by Michoacán.

In 1996, the historic center of Querétaro was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Querétaro City's altitude is of around 1900 meters above sea level.


The climate is temperate and semi-dry. In late October, the average temperature oscillates between the 16 and the 22 Celsius degrees.

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Visa Information

Permanent residents in Canada, Japan, The United Kingdom, The United States of America or the Schengen countries wishing to travel to Mexico do not require a visa to enter the country as a tourists and business visitors for a 180-day stay and as a visitors in transit for a 30-day stay. Immigration authorities in Mexico will ask for proof of permanent residence and a valid passport (valid for at least six months) on arrival (for more details please visit the official webpage:

According to new regulations, it is not necessary to apply for a tourist Mexican visa if you hold a valid tourist visa for entering the United States of America -regardless of your nationality- . Immigration authorities in Mexico will ask for your US visa and a valid passport (valid for at least six months) on arrival.

For those participants, and any accompanying person, needing visa, the organizing committee of ECC2012 will provide support. If you require VISA please contact us inmediatly.

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